Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well.

The time has come to introduce myself to you all as a blogger, even saying that sounds bizarre! I found myself wanting to blog about all the things that I truly love and what I am passionate about. Just so you know it isn’t a typical blog, everything will  not be picture perfect but that’s okay. I am okay with that. That’s just not me!

I love fashion, beauty, home and interiors, life in general and more recently babies. Myself and my partner Alan became parents to a beautiful daughter in October 2015. We named her Eleanor and in the time that has passed since she was born she has truly taken over our world. Our house isn’t always pretty as it once was, my body certainly isn’t the same and life as we know it has got much harder but certainly more fulfilling and we would not change anything for the world.

I hope that you guys who take the time to read my blog get an insight into my day to day life, my passions and loves and can in some way relate to me and maybe get some advice from me or if not maybe just a “I’m  not the only one” light bulb moment.

Enjoy. Love La. X